How to get our services?

Obtaining financial support the State Fund basis is simplified to the maximum and is carried out directly through the patner banks. There is no need to visit our office, provide documents, join the membership and pay any membership fees. All appeals to the State Fund and procedures for obtaining financial support occur only through a commercial bank that serves you.

1) Obtaining a guarantee:

For example, you want to receive a loan in the amount of 800,000,000.0 (eight hundred million) Soums for the purchase of equipment for the production of bricks.
You contact the bank and agree on the terms of the loan, the loan amount, the interest rate on the loan, the terms and conditions of repayment, as well as the object of the proposed collateral.
The collateral should not be less than 125% of the amount of the loan you receive. In our example, this amount is 1.0 (one) billion soums. Thus, in order to receive a loan, you need to have collateral in the amount of 1.0 billion soums in the form of movable and / or immovable property, securities. guarantees of third parties, insurance policy against loan default or other form of security acceptable to the bank. The absence of collateral at least 1% can be the reason for the refusal of a loan from a commercial bank.
To cover the unsecured part of the loan, a guarantee of the State Fund will help you.
The state fund issues guarantees to small businesses of all forms of ownership in the amount of up to 50% (inclusive) of the amount of the loan received, but not more than 2.0 (two) billion soums for all activities except for loans from commercial banks, providing for:

   - return of previously received loans or any other debts;
   - production of alcohol and tobacco products;    
   - formation of working capital of trade and intermediary organizations and catering;    
   - finance the construction of shopping and catering facilities;    
   - organization of gambling and other risk-based games.

How to issue a guarantee?
In a statement addressed to the head of a commercial bank for a loan, indicate the amount of the guarantee of the State Fund!

Your bank and State Fund will do the rest!

2) Receipt of compensation to cover part of interest expenses:
Compensation - coverage by the State Fund of a part of interest expenses on a commercial bank loan. This is primarily a reduction in the interest rate on the loan for you and the reimbursement of this reduced rate to the bank by the State Fund.
If the bank interest rate on your loan on an annualized basis is 18%, then upon receipt of compensation of the State Fund for you it will be 13% per annum. The bank will receive an interest rate of 5 percentage points from the State Fund.
Compensation is free of charge!

The procedure for obtaining compensation of the State Fund is the same as when receiving a guarantee

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