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Meeting with representatives of the World Bank

Meeting with representatives of the World Bank

An online-meeting was held in the framework of the project “Development of rural entrepreneurship in the Fergana Valley” in cooperation with the World Bank at the State Fund for Support of Entrepreneurial Activities (hereafter referred as Fund).

The meeting was attended by Sh.Usmanov, Department of guarantee provision and introduction of new services, K.Radjabov and B.Ahmedov, Department of Economic Analysis and Work with Assets from the Fund, B.Tumurdavaa, Chief Economist for Agriculture from the World Bank, E.Ziyayev, the manager of this project with the participation of the EBRD, and relevant consultants.

During the meeting, the representatives of the Fund provided information on the work carried out within the framework of this project, its effectiveness, targeted spending of the funds involved, and new jobs.

It is also planned to increase the income of the population by developing the agricultural sector, growing and processing agricultural products, and creating new jobs in Andijan, Namangan, and Fergana regions.

In addition, the representatives of the World Bank received answers to the questions that they were interested in regarding the guarantee financial assistance provided to entrepreneurs in connection with the report of the representatives of the Fund.

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed to expand cooperation on the above-mentioned issues.

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