Fund surety

Guarantee this is a guarantee agreement, which assigns the responsibility of the borrower for the fulfillment of his obligations before the commercial bank to the state fund for the support of entrepreneurial activity (fund).

The fund provides guarantees in the amount up to 50 percent of the loan amount (50 percent is also included in the same sentence) on loans from commercial banks, but not more than 8 billion rubles.

The fund pays a one-time intermediary fee in the amount of one percent of the guarantee amount in national currency by the borrower for the provision of a guarantee.

The guarantee is given in all directions except for the following purposes:

  • repayment of previously received loans or any other debt;
  • production of alcoholic and tobacco products;
  • formation of working capital of trade-intermediary organizations and catering enterprises;
  • financing the construction of commercial facilities and catering facilities;
  • formation of resource base of non-bank credit organizations and leasing companies;
  • organization of risk-based gambling and other games and purchase of equipment for these purposes;

On the projects of borrowers registered in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and carrying out their activities, who are not at the stage of liquidation, who do not have debts that are overdue for payments to the current credit and Budget, and whose banking procedures are not instituted against them, a guarantee is given.

Obligations under the guarantee are suspended in the following cases:

  • repayment of the part of the principal debt on the loan secured by collateral;
  • The implementation of the guarantee payment by the fund;
  • Replacement of persons in obligations under the loan agreement without written permission of the fund;
  • in other cases provided for by law.

To obtain a guarantee, it is enough to apply to the commercial bank with an application. Commercial bank to fund on the basis of application of small business entities through the information system, it electronically submits the order, reviews the submitted order and on the same day the corresponding response of the Fund is delivered to the Commercial Bank electronically.